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To Teach Is To Learn

  • Semperviva Yoga 200-1333 Johnston St Vancouver, BC Canada (map)
To teach is to learn twice.
— Joseph Joubert


Teaching Yoga is always rewarding and never without its challenges. It is the challenges we face as teachers, and how we choose to work with them, that will take us from being competent teachers to exceptional teachers.

This 14.5 hour program will be a structured yet highly organic and interactive exploration of the realities of being a working yoga teacher, aimed at helping new and developing teachers continue to find their authentic voice in the increasingly homogenized yet ever-changing world of modern Yoga.

After completing a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course, and maybe teaching in the real world for a while, there are always unforeseen challenges that come up, and the solutions may not always be readily available or easily found. Some of the topics we may cover:

  • Uncovering honesty and authenticity in teaching
  • Remaining open to new ideas and inspiration, and how to integrate any new understanding of your own ever-evolving practice into your established teaching routine/method
  • Humility as a path to growth and true confidence
  • Making contact with source – the origin of all teaching/learning
  • Developing your voice as a teacher, and the art of story-telling
  • Refining your teaching methods to foster further clarity and universality
  • How to turn difficult situations into places of learning and growth
  • Meeting fear as an ally

This will be an “out of the box” exploration of developing as a Yoga teacher; not your typical “top down” mentorship scenario.

As a mentor, Cameron wants to meet students on an equal level, at a place where there can be a free and respectful mutual exchange of ideas, experiences and useful information to help each of us develop further as teachers, as students, and as human beings. It is only through this mutual exchange of experience and ideas that we can find true empowerment as teachers, and bring deep authenticity to our teaching. Teaching and learning are gifts that are meant to be shared equally between all, not hoarded by a special “chosen” few. And each of us has something to share, something to contribute, adding to the further evolution of this sometimes bewildering but always wonderful and rewarding art form that is teaching (and learning) Yoga.

Earlier Event: August 16
Later Event: September 15