As a Yoga teacher, I often have students ask me, "What am I supposed to be feeling in this pose?". or, "Where am I supposed to be feeling this pose?". My answer to this is another question:

What ARE you feeling in the pose? Where ARE you feeling the pose in your body?

Therein lies the answer to your question.  There is no prescribed way or location in the body to feel any particular Asana, or posture. Each individual will feel it in her or his own way and place in their own body. That is the beauty of this practice; it provides a venue through which you can explore the unique, present moment manifestation of your own embodiment. The sensations and locations you do feel in each Asana is your body's means of drawing your attention where it needs to go. Each passing moment there is something new to feel, somewhere (or, truly, everywhere) in your body.

Another common observation by students, usually after a certain amount of time delving into their practice, is that they feel 'nothing' in a certain pose. Again, I would meet this observation with a question:

What does NOTHING feel like? What sensations are arising in the moment that your mind is accustomed to describe as 'nothing'?

There is truly no such thing as feeling nothing. It is simply a habit of the mind to attach the label of 'nothing' to a particular quality of sensation, and miss the opportunity to investigate the experience further. Nothing feels like SOMETHING. Like a view through an open window, the sensations that make up nothingness can expand our awareness of the areas of our experience we take for granted. Pull back the curtains of habit and familiarity, and take a look; I guarantee you'll be surprised by what you see.